COVID-19 Stimulus Package

Stimulus relief package and what this could mean for you

A number of measures have been announced by the government to support Australians and the economy in response to the Corona virus.

We have linked some information from MLC that is a good summary of the key measures and to assist you in understanding the help that could be available to you.   

Mortgage assistance

Most lenders and banks have introduced assistance packages if you require assistance with your mortgage.

Please speak with one of our Advisers to see if you are eligible for assistance, or if there is a more competitive rate or loan that can help improve your financial situation.

Some of the areas your lender may be able to offer assistance include:

  • Relief on loans for up to six months
  • Waiving fees for restructuring or consolidation of loans
  • Cash back incentives for refinancing of loans
  • Reducing rates on fixed rate home loans for up to 3 years
  • Discounting interest rates on new personal loans
  • Waiving interest rate reduction for early withdrawals on term deposits prior to maturity
  • Deferring payments and extensions for Equipment Finance

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you feel you require assistance with your finances.  We understand the current situation can create uncertainty or financial pressure for some. We care. And we can help.

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