Retirement Planning

Most people have a dream lifestyle planned for their retirement, however the problem is, not everybody knows how to get there.

With our specialised knowledge, we guide you down the right path to ensure your dreams, become your reality.


Australians are living longer and retiring earlier. In fact, many people now spend more than a quarter of their lives in retirement. Whilst this sounds amazing, its important to ask yourself, will your super last the distance?

If you are thinking about retirement, are semi-retired or have already left the workforce, the good news is that it’s not too late to start planning.

Coastline can show you how to wind back your working week without feeling the pinch of income loss, as you prepare for one of life’s great rewards – retirement. Our retirement strategies consider today’s fluctuating markets, and look at ways of delivering a guaranteed return while maximising both your pension and Centrelink benefits no matter what stage of the retirement process you might be in.

Allocated pensions: a simple, tax-effective way to draw on super

An allocated pension lets you choose the level of income you need for your lifestyle, as well as how often you receive it. Think of it as setting your own salary but without the 9-5 workload. You can also change the amount at any time, as long as it remains within the limits set out by the Government.

Your Coastline Adviser can help you easily and regularly transfer money between your super and retirement accounts using a ‘no hassle’ consolidation strategy, with minimal paperwork for a stress-free way to manage your money. Retirement is a time to relish, so live your dream and let us worry about the admin.

Have we got you wondering how long your super savings will last?

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