Wealth Management

At Coastline, we’re not just about helping you improve your finances.

We help you create your ideal life by working with you through each stage and guiding you with the necessary tools and advice.

New to Investing?

We can show you simple, low cost investment options that make a positive difference to your financial goals.

Or perhaps you’re a sophisticated investor who would like to diversify your portfolio? Coastline has access to a broad range of investment options and fund managers, both mainstream and alternative. Your Coastline Adviser will work closely with you to build an investment strategy that is right for you.

Your wealth management strategy may also incorporate gearing, or borrowing money to invest. At Coastline, we can show you how gearing may work for you in the purchase of investment properties, shares or managed funds.

Investment Planning & Gearing

When it comes to investing, it’s important to feel comfortable and in control. That’s why our team pride ourselves on being able to work closely with you to create your ideal investment plan that suits your goals. Our simple, low cost and easy investment plans are individually tailored, as we understand that in finance, one size certainly doesn’t fit all. Yet the one thing our plans have in common, is that they make a positive difference to your financial goals.

Estate Planning

While it might not be the nicest thought it’s important to ask yourself what kind of financial position you or your family might be in if the unforeseen happened. Would you be able to support yourself without an income? Would your family be able to afford to live the life you want them to? It’s never an easy thing to plan for, but with our experience in the industry, you can relax, knowing you are in the right hands.

Fund Management