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I hope you have been able to get outside and enjoy our beautiful region as we emerge from what seems to have been a very wet winter. At least the amazing surf conditions have provided some consolation! We are certainly looking forward to the warmer months ahead and the longer, sunnier days of spring.
Our articles cover a range of topics which we hope you will find interesting. We aim to keep you informed of changes as they happen, but we also want to provide ideas to help you live the life you want – now and in the future.
In this edition we discuss Seven Reasons for Optimism on the Australian Economy with Dr Shane Oliver. We also  provide you with information on self-employment after retirement and insurance inside your superannuation.
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Darryn Jacobs, Director

News from the Coastline Community

Following the ‘Kings Trail’ in Sweden

Coastline Financial Adviser Tim Price achieved a life goal this year when he hiked the Kungsleden.

The Kungsleden or “King’s Trail” is an historic long-distance walking path through Swedish Lapland and one of Europe’s most wild and remote hikes. From its starting point at Abisko, Tim followed the trail 425km south to Hemavan, crossing an unspoiled landscape of flower-carpeted, glacial valleys and scaling Sweden’s highest peak, Kebnekaise (2117m). Tim camped along the trail, taking advantage of the Swedish ‘Allemansrätten’ which gives a person the right to access, walk, cycle, ride, ski, and camp on almost any land. Huts dotted along the path are also available to trekkers and Tim would enjoy a sauna at these whenever possible.
When we asked Tim what he discovered on the trail he answered “I learnt that Cloud berries aren’t quite as nice as they sound, saunas are soooooo good and that there are less well-known, even wilder places in Sweden that I need to explore.” His advice for aspiring long-distance trekkers; “Research what you need, carefully check and test your equipment and pack light!”

Be a senior entrepreneur on your own terms!

Many people over 50 are putting their skills and experience to work in their own businesses.
Retirement is no longer the destination it used to be. If you’re like many Aussies who are heading into their later years after a lifetime of developing skills and expertise, you undoubtedly have more to offer, not less. If you’re thinking about starting your own business or considering how you’ll keep sharing your skills and experience in your later years, you’re not alone.
Many Aussies are blazing the trail into self-employment after retirement and there is a rising number of groups forming to provide guidance and help for older Australians as they navigate through change in the digital age.
If you’re thinking about going out on your own, you may be aiming to find your true purpose—what you really want to do. Are you inspired about getting involved in an area that interests you personally, creating something new or just giving back? New ventures can give you fresh energy and a renewed sense of purpose.

Seven reasons for optimism on the Australian economy…

With Dr Shane Oliver –
AMP Chief Economist

First, economic growth is pretty good with the economy expanding 3.1% over the year to the March quarter and looking similar for the June quarter. This is in line with Australia’s long term average. It’s also way above most other advanced countries. Latest annual GDP growth rates are 1.2% in the US, 1.6% in the Eurozone and 0.6% in Japan. Of course I could add that the economy hasn’t had a recession in over 25 years, but that one gets a bit overdone and owes a little bit to luck with statistics!  Continue reading… 

Am I better off buying insurance through my super?

When it comes to arranging insurance it’s important to decide what types of insurance are available to you and what you’ll need for your particular life circumstances. From here you’ll need to consider whether you should keep it inside your super fund or set it up separately. So what are the benefits of buying insurance through super? Continue reading…