Ben Worme


“Make your next moment your best moment, life is not the number of breaths you take. It’s the moments that take your breath away”

Ben is a dedicated and passionate member of the Coastline team who is committed to guiding clients toward their financial aspirations. With a unique blend of academic pursuits and personal interests, Ben brings a fresh perspective to the world of finance.

Ben’s journey led him to Deakin University, where he is currently pursuing a major in Financial Planning. This was a natural evolution of his affinity for finance and genuine enjoyment of working with people. For Ben, the most rewarding aspect of his role is learning from the Financial Advisers and working together to positively impact their clients lives.

Beyond his professional life, Ben lives an active and well-rounded lifestyle. Keeping fit, playing footy, and embracing the outdoors through camping are some of his go-to activities, while spending time with friends and family remains at the core of his pursuits. In the world of sports, Ben passionately supports Carlton in the AFL and Arsenal in the EPL.

Ben’s roots trace back to Bendigo where he grew up. He has since journeyed around the world, exploring South America in 2014, before settling into Geelong in 2020. Ben’s dedication to financial planning, combined with his dynamic interests and global experiences paints a promising picture for his future contributions to the Coastline team and his clients’ financial well-being.


Ben Worme