So what does ‘living the dream’ mean for you?

Have you ever asked yourself if you are ‘living the dream’?

The financial planning association’s recent research has revealed 1 in 4 Australians (23%) believe they are definitely living their ideal lifestyle.

Here are six traits they believe have helped them achieve their dream life.

1. Strong personal habits

Australians living the dream are family oriented, spending more quality time with their family during the week than the average Australian. And they’re five times more likely to meditate or engage in spiritual activity.

2. Dream about the future

Australians living their dream life dream more about the future than others. Four in five (82%) often or always dream about their future, compared to just 61% of those who say they are not living the dream.

3. Plan ahead and stick to the plan

These people are planners. They’re almost five times more likely than the average Australian to plan and stick to the plans they’ve made (23% compared to 5%). They are more likely to act quickly on their plans (71% compared to 41%), turning their vision for the future into reality.

4. Have high levels of self-belief

High self-belief correlates strongly with those who are living the dream. Almost all Australians (96%) who are living the dream believe in their ability to create the life they want, compared to just 54% of those not living the dream.

5. Seek out advice from others

They make their financial decisions in consultation with others and are nearly three times more likely to seek advice from a financial adviser when making financial decisions (24% compared to 9% of those not living the dream). Nearly half (45%) are currently receiving or have received advice from a financial adviser, compared to just 22% of those not living the dream.

6. Have fewer regrets

They are less likely to have regrets in life than those who are not living their dream life. A quarter (26%) say they have no regrets at all. Those who do have regrets mostly regret not saving enough (24%) or making poor decisions (19%).

The outcome is less financial stress

Australians who are living the dream have the lowest levels of financial stress. More than one in three (34%) are not at all stressed about their finances (compared to 11% of those not living the dream).

So what does ‘living the dream’ mean for you?