Coastline Advice volunteer with Habitat for Humanity

Mike @ volunteering

Coastline Advice volunteer with Habitat for Humanity

Last week Mike brushed off his building tools and made his way to Yea to embark on what would be a life changing event for two disadvantaged families. He volunteered with the Habitat for Humanity organisation which works with the most vulnerable families in Australia to build new homes and new hope.

After the devastating 2009 Black Saturday fires, 1,300 homes and nearly 40% of land near Yea was damaged. Habitat for Humanity has partnered with Yea for the Yea Heights Estate, a 25-home project to bring opportunity to Yea and struggling families.

One of these families include Jema and Romel who currently live in a high-rise housing commission unit in Fitzroy whilst trying to raise their young daughter. Due to difficult circumstances, the couple have never been given the leg up in life they deserve. Moving to Yea will give them a fresh start, a sense of belonging and a chance to raise their daughter knowing she is in a safe and positive community.

Mike spent two days working on the homes. He explains, “It was great to dust the cobwebs off the tools for a good cause. Although it was hard work, it was extremely rewarding. I myself have two young girls, so knowing that I have helped another family create a safe environment for their young daughter to grow up in is really special. This family now have a sense of security and belonging; something we are all entitled to.”

Habitat for humanity are a fantastic not-for-profit organisation which transforms lives by helping families achieve the dream of having a roof over their head, which they can call their own. Through financial support, volunteering or adding a voice to support affordable housing, everyone can help families build a better tomorrow, today. Through shelter, we empower.
Habitat for humanity has built more than 160 homes Australia wide. If you want to get involved with the program and empower people through shelter, get in contact through their website: