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Derek & Liz
Financial Security

My wife and I were approaching retirement and we were concerned about our superannuation which was all over the place and our financial future. We wanted to make sure we were going to be comfortable for the next stage of our life and be able to enjoy our retirement.

Our first experience with a financial planner prior to meeting Darryn was daunting and we certainly didn’t feel at ease, we felt our money wasn’t being managed properly and it was invested in high risk funds which wasn’t what we both wanted. We wanted a secure comfortable future and confidence our money was safe guarded.

After our initial appointment with Darryn we both came away with the confidence that our finances would be well managed in his safe hands. The enthusiasm, professionalism and sheer hard work displayed by Darryn far exceeded our expectations. Our current comfortable financial situation is without a doubt down to Darryn and the team at Coastline.

Darryn helped us across many complex areas we really had no idea about such as budgeting, superannuation and our pension entitlements here in Australia and also our overseas claims. He really pushed us hard and gave us the advice, confidence and enthusiasm to keep going. Everything was explained simply and clearly and he was always available to answer our many questions.

We have since referred many of our friends to Coastline, so they can also enjoy their retirement and be in good shape financially as much as we are.

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