About Us

We help clients imagine the life they want, believe it is possible and help them achieve it.

We love financial advice

We are a team of more than twenty highly skilled and local professionals who share an unwavering passion for guiding our community through the intricate world of finance, and empowering them to reach their full financial potential.

Where it all started

From modest beginnings in Anglesea, Coastline Advice was founded by Darryn Jacobs in 2002 and has since transformed into one of the region’s premier Financial Advice and Mortgage Broking firms.

Renowned for our goal-based and personalised financial strategies, Coastline has earned multiple prestigious awards, including Astrum’s esteemed Large Practice of the Year award in 2022. As a testament to our growth and success, we now have four offices in Torquay, Anglesea, Barwon Heads and Wonthaggi.

Imagine.  Believe.  Achieve.

At Coastline Advice we have first-hand experience dealing with the needs, aspirations, and even reservations of clients. We aim to inspire every client to imagine their best life, believe the possibilities, and help them achieve it.

The most common feedback we get from our clients is they wish they had met us sooner…