Meet Our New Adviser Daniel Walsh


The team at Coastline Advice are thrilled to welcome Daniel Walsh to our team of Advisers. Daniel has been our Operations Manager for two and a half years and has recently transitioned

into an advisory role to be more connected to his community.


Here are 10 quick questions to help you get to know Daniel! 

1.Why Financial Advice? Is it something that has always interested you or a natural progression in your working career?

Financial Advice was a natural extension to my Accounting background and one that has evolved over time.  With over 15 years in the Corporate Accounting world the role of Operations Manager came up at Coastline and I was attracted to both the move away from Corporate Accounting roles and also working for a smaller business within my local community on the Surf Coast.

2. What is the most rewarding part of being an adviser? 

Without doubt, putting clients into a better financial position and helping them achieve their goals.  Having worked in the Operations Manager role for over two years I was envious of the relationships the Advisers had built with their clients and the impact they were able to have on their lives and the sense of satisfaction that is derived from the work they perform.

3. What does financial freedom mean to you?

The ability to make key life choices without being restricted by financial constraints.

4. What is the best Financial Advice you have been given? 

Always spend within your means and don’t take out a credit card!

5. Who are your role models in the industry?

There a number of role models within the office but namely the three senior Advisers – Darryn Jacobs, Chris Kelly and Mike Brussel – for their wealth of experience as Financial Advisers and the extensive variety of clients and client scenarios they have worked with over the years.

6. Tell us a bit about your life outside of work

Wife Brooke, a local Torquay girl who I met in London.  Have two kids Louie 7 and Peggy 4.  I grew up in Bendigo and left there to travel and work in London in 2003.  Weekends involve spending time with the family – going to the beach, playing sports, hiking, watching AFL – I’m a keen North Melbourne fan – I like to stay fit and love jogging around the amazing tracks on the Surf Coast and also playing golf any chance I can get!

7. What do you think Coastline has taught you & what do you love about working at Coastline?

Working at Coastline has taught me the impact that sound Financial Advice can have on people’s lives, not just financially but in a range of other ways.  For most people finances are a large part of the stress they carry through their lives day to day and relieving that stress and putting a sound financial strategy in place allows them the freedom to enjoy their lives without the financial burden that a lot of the people carry.

8. How do you think you will contribute as an adviser and why do you think people would like to work with you?

I work with clients to listen to and understand their situation and how best as an Adviser I can build a strategy to help achieve their goals.  I care about all my clients and working with me as an Adviser is more of a partnership and will help provide that assurance and security throughout various life stages and events.

9. Details on your degree/qualification?

Bachelor of Business (Accounting) La Trobe University graduated 2001

Qualified CPA 2003

Diploma of Financial Planning 2018

10. Tell us more about your working history

Started Oct 201

6 (been here 2.5 years) as Operations Manager and obviously recently moved into an Adviser Role.  I also have a dual role as Coastline Finance Manager.

Most recent role was as Senior Commercial Finance Partner at Cotton On for 4 years.  Prior to this worked at Cadbury and also Fosters in Commercial Finance roles and prior to this I contracted in London in a variety of roles for 5 years, most notably for Disney and Reuters as a Corporate Finance Manager.

If you would like to know more about Daniel or would like to speak with him about your finances, give the Coastline team a call on 03 5264 7700